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Check out the Latest news and updates from RTP Materials Handling & the Plastic Fabrication industry.

LD29 Plastazote closed cell foam dividers

LD29 20mm thick divider sets are an ideal way of creating compartments within a Euro box to securely and safely [...]

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Mobile storage specialists

Here at RTP we offer a wide variety of mobile storage facilities, Bespoke for any situation. Whether you need euro [...]

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Suffering sea birds

Unfortunately, we've all seen seagulls stuck in plastic packaging. Even more unfortunately sea birds suffer from internal damage when ingesting [...]

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Sainsbury’s to slash emissions

In a recent statement Sainsbury's have said that they are going to pledge £1bn towards cutting their carbon emissions. The [...]

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Do multi-pack tins really need plastic packaging?

In a big effort to reduce single use plastic, Tesco has decided to remove plastic packaging from its multi-pack tins. [...]

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Optimise your storage today!

Misplaced things in your warehouse? Not satisfied with the containers they're stored in? We've all been there but it doesn't [...]

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Ibiza, partying their way to a greener planet

Due to the tourists and nightlife seekers, last year Ibiza produced 14% more waste than the rest of Europe per [...]

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Revolutionary Batteries

Current batteries in electric cars are awful, there's no two ways about it. A standard EV battery will only run [...]

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Hydrogen, the answer to climate change?

Burning Natural gas for fuel contributes to around a third of all UK emissions driving global warming! This is obviously [...]

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Happy new year to all our customers and suppliers!

2020 is finally here! We hope everybody has had a great new years and are looking forward to what 2020 [...]

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