In a recent statement Sainsbury’s have said that they are going to pledge £1bn towards cutting their carbon emissions. The Current Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe stated that they wanted to reduce carbon emissions to zero over the next 20 years. A fantastic goal! Their current plan for this revolves heavily around reducing food miles. Coupe stated that he would be contacting suppliers and ensuring that they are “playing their part” in reducing emissions every step of the way.

Sainsbury’s have stated that they plan to spend an average of £50m per year on emission cutting techniques such as converting vehicle fuel to more sustainable alternatives. Furthermore  they plan to introduce energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration. As it currently stands, Sainsburys promise of net zero emissions by 2040 is a decade earlier than Tesco’s! Hopefully this inspires some friendly rivalry between supermarkets! It would definitely benefit the environment in the long run!

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