Cases and Tool Boxes

A Euro container can easily be turned into a case by adding a handle or a hinge lid with snap locks. These boxes can be security sealed with the use of padlocks of cable ties. One advantage of using this type of box is its industrial strength, and its ability to be stacked where the bottom box can bear a load up to 240kg. These containers are great value for money.

These cases are compatible with Euro and UK pallets and dollies, meaning multiple boxes and its content can be moved safely and securely over distances. Cases and toolboxes can also be ‘cut and shut’ to create a larger case for your requirements. Due to straight-sided walls, the user is able to get optimum volume and usage from the box, which means CNC routed foam trays can control tooling. This shows a professional image to customers, as well as preventing loss and damage to your tools.

Along with the Euro container case we also supply more traditional toolboxes.