Extended Pallets

With most standard off-the-shelf pallets coming in sizes of 1200x1000mm & 1000x800mm, we offer a cut & shut service for bespoke pallets. Our large extended pallets can be fabricated to your requirements, subject to load ratings.

Being specialists in fabrication, we can also offer extra strength with reinforced bases, location pins, large rims & lashing points to ensure your component stay secure in transit.

Here at RTP we engineer our extended pallets (or oversized pallets) to meet the bespoke needs of your business. They offer the solution to keep large components & tooling safe during transit & storage. 

To ensure the load remains as lightweight as possible, pallets can be fabricated in plastic using the cut & shut technique. All our extended pallets and pallet boxes are durable enough to withstand all the bumps and scrapes that occur during transit.

We also use the cut & shut technique to fabricate extended pallet boxes. These have a reinforced base & side walls to provide extra strength.

Case Study: Compressor Tooling Pallet

For an even stronger & robust extended pallet, we offer bespoke metal pallets. Our pallets can also be fitted with removable heavy duty castors making them easy to move around a warehouse.

We also offer customised runners, anti-slip surface, location pins, blanking plates & lashing points to ensure your component remain secure.

Case Study: Heavy Duty Fixture Pallet