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  • Returnable Transit
    And Closed Loop

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    RTP Materials Handling Ltd has unrivalled knowledge of Returnable and Closed Loop packaging systems. We supply the right product for the job

  • Returnable Transit
    Packaging vs Single-Use

    View the Benefits of RTP & Closed-Loop Systems

    Check out the benefits of Reusable Plastic Packaging compared to traditional single-use packaging

  • Bespoke work
    for aerospace

    View Fabrication

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd is capable of designing and providing kitting solutions designed around the aerospace industry’s regulations including no metal to metal contact

  • Work in Progress

    View Work in Progress

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd can advise on and supply returnable transit packaging tailored around your work in progress to work within your flow

  • Bespoke work for
    underwater acoustic clients

    View Storage

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd have the knowledge and experience to provide long lasting solutions for use in challenging environments

  • Bespoke work for
    restoration projects

    View Movement

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd can design and supply the means to move and support delicate and valuable items under construction, maintenance and restoration

  • Protective packaging
    to securely hold

    View Dunnage

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd can design and supply the ideal system to hold and protect your items inside the container preventing damage and improving picking times

  • Plastic fabrication
    for critical
    faced components

    View Plastic Fabrication

    RTP Materials Handling Ltd can design and supply the ideal system to hold and protect your items inside the container preventing damage and improving picking times


From small to large, click here for our comprehensive range of containers


What goes into the box to hold and protect parts and components


From heavy duty pull out shelving to small parts bin racking


For dollies to move boxes and trolleys to move parts, click here


RTP Materials Handling are able to design and manufacture a bespoke storage or movement solution based entirely around your requirements

Bott cabinets cupboards


A well designed work area saves costs and time. Visit our comprehensive range

Work in Progress

RTP Materials Handling can design and supply a complete solution to handle Work In Progess

What is RTP?

RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) is also known as Closed Loop Packaging. Both of these systems reuse packaging solutions again and again whilst improving the flow of product through the company. We at RTP Materials Handling Limited are specialists in Returnable Transit Packaging. All our solutions are built with the intention of reducing a company’s hidden costs.

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Lean Manufacturing

Our unique packaging systems are designed around your components using our years of experience. This will fit in with LEAN manufacturing reducing waste on:

  • Movement
  • Stock at hand
  • Making defective products
  • Processing
  • Transportation
  • Time on hand
  • Overproduction

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