Metal Stillages

A metal pallet is has advantages over plastic pallets in extreme conditions, for example, in food preperation, ovens and transporting hazardous chemical. A stillage is like a pallet or a skid, but with a cage or sides or some form of support for the material it is intended to carry and can be designed to be stackable.

Stillages are mainly used to transport goods without the need to load and unload the product being carried. This saves time and decreases the chance of damage. One example is the use of stillages in the glass industry. They are shaped like an upright ‘A’- the glass leans inward and is strapped to the stillage ready for transport.

Our stillages can also have a collapsible side to make sure they easy to store while also saving space.

At RTP Materials Handling, our design team can plan, design and fabricate any stillage to your exact requirements – increasing efficiency and reducing workload. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact our helpful sales team.