Bespoke Plastic Fabrication

Here at RTP Materials Handling, we understand that every customer’s needs and requirements are different. Using our vast experience and knowledge with different materials ranging from plastics to metals and from foam to rubber, we have helped our customers get their concept transformed into the exact product design they need.

If you Require a Site Visit

Our experienced sales engineer will look at your requirements, ideas, procedures & restrictions. This will give us a chance to see how your business operates and what you want to achieve. Our sales engineer will discuss the best options and materials available. Click here to arrange a site visit.

CAD – Full In-house 3D Computer-Aided Design

This ensures that all our designs are correct before production starts – highlighting any stress points and checking the full functionality of any moving parts of your design. This also gives you, the customer, the opportunity to visually see the product. This ensures the smooth production of prototypes & full production runs.

Prototypes & Samples

We can make prototypes & samples to integrate into the system and get feedback from your operators. This will allow you to check the ergonomics & efficiency, handling ability and the protection of your product. Any feedback we can then integrate into the design process before a full production run.

The Right Material for the Job

RTP will always use the correct materials for your product. Working in materials handling for over 15 years, we are specialists in plastic, metal, rubber & foam fabrications. Every material has its own advantages and we will ensure that we use materials with the correct attributes for the job, whilst also making sure the product is cost-effective.

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Other Services

Please see a list of other Bespoke services that we can offer.

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