Metal Pallets

Whereas plastic pallets have taken over clean-room environments, metal pallets are suited to extreme temperature environments, e.g. ovens, hazardous chemicals and food preparation. Another advantage of metal pallets is that they are extremely durable.

Billions of pallets are used for a variety of manufacturing, storage and transportation by businesses globally.

They are used in transportation to move materials and goods and also used as storage facilities in warehouses and large commercial plants and premises. Steel pallets are becoming more popular over wooden pallets because they have a number of benefits associated with them as explained here.

Why Opt for Metal Pallets over Wooden Pallets

Strength & Durability

Steel pallets are invariably stronger than their wooden counterparts, and they weigh less than large, heavy wooden pallets. A steel pallet can subsequently take more weight during transportation and storage. The goods that are also being transported and stored are also exposed to less damage because they are protected more.

Reduction In Waste

During transit, if the pallet has become damaged or weakened, the goods can become crushed, damaged or dented. This is because the wooden pallets are not stable and have usually caused the loads to move or fall. This could lead to waste of goods, an increase in handling times & delay of goods reaching the customer in a good condition.

Environmental Factors

Wooden pallets are reusable but they get damaged easily and quickly. This means that a high amount of waste is created that isn’t completely environmentally friendly.

When a wooden pallet does become unusable, you also need to replace them frequently which takes up more time, cost & resources. We would are confident our steel would well exceed over 100 trips before you start seeing any signs of wear, which means less time & cost is spent replenishing them.

Bespoke Design

Our metal pallets can be designed to any size you require with your specific needs at mind. Rather than a usual slatted wooden pallet, our pallets can be designed with various accessories such as blanking plates, lashing rings, removable castors, an anti-slip surface & heavy duty rims.

Case Study: Pallet with Removable Castors

Industrial Use

Steel and metal pallets are ideal for industrial use as they are much more robust and can withstand extreme weather and hot and cold conditions. They can also be designed for extensive storage solutions to maximise space.

Safety and Hygiene

Steel pallets are also much more hygienically safe than wood pallets. Wooden pallets can often get contaminated with bacteria that lead to hygiene issues and the spread of disease and illness. Steel pallets can be hygienically sanitised and cleaned more effectively and negate germs, bacteria and insect infestation. Wooden pallets also create a fire hazard and using steel pallets negates this risk.

Our Services

RTP Materials Handling is able to create a metal pallet around your specifications, meaning it is tailored exactly to your needs and requirements. Metal pallets can be stackable, saving on space and improving the slow. Our metal pallets can be powder coated, resulting in a finished product which can contribute to colour co-ordination and good identification of certain products.

A metal pallet is usually made out of steel or aluminium. It is robust, strong and is reusable for multiple trips. Metal pallets are suited to extreme temperature environments, e.g. ovens, hazardous chemicals and food preparation.