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We have a variety of lids to fit our containers, ensuring safe handling and transportation while moving goods. Our lids are compatible with the correct containers, and the different varieties of lids ensure that the correct cover is used. Please see the related products to check the lid is compatible with your container and if you are unsure, please contact us and we can advise.

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Hook-In Lids

These lids can be hooked onto a container.

These are lids which are semi-permanently attached to a box. You can lift one side to open or to remove completely. It can be secured to the box when hooked-in by using snap locks or security tags. Ho

Slip Lids

Practical and functional, Slip Lids can be completely removed.

This is a lid that can be placed directly onto an appropriately sized box as it slots over all the sides. We can also supply pallet-sized slip lids that will fit over a full level of containers.


Hinged Lids

A permanent attachment, Hinged Lids are compatible with several styles of container

A hinged lid is a lid which is permanently attached to a box or container. Lift one side to open. The lid can be secured to the boxes using hinge cylinders and snap locks – making it a secure tamper

Dust Covers

Dust Covers are a lighter solution to other lid styles

Dust covers tend to be a more lightweight solution to keep your product or box clean and dirt-free. This is a lid that can be placed directly onto an appropriately sized box and sits flush with the t