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Plastic Extrusion

We have a list below of our plastic extrusions available to you. Please contact us if you have any queries

Plastic extrusion commonly uses plastic chips or pellets, which are dried in a hopper before going to the feed screw. The polymer is heated to a molten state and the screw forces the resin through a die, forming the resin into the desired shape. The extrusion is cooled and solidifies as it is pulled through the die or water tank.

Plastic extrusion can be used for protective edging, sealing, impact resilience and aesthetics. Below is a large range of plastic extrusions but should you not see what you are looking for, RTP Materials Handling can create the extrusion for your requirements.

Extruded profiles can also be cut to length and slotted together with other strips, making a flexible and larger area, such as tambour doors.

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