Current batteries in electric cars are awful, there’s no two ways about it. A standard EV battery will only run for about 125 miles at a time! As well as that, recycling them at the end of their life is always a long process.

Trevor Jackson, 58 from Tavistock, Devon has proposed a revolutionary aluminium battery with incredible capabilities! This battery, unlike current models, can run a car for 1,500 miles at a time!

One of the main issues with conventional batteries is the toxic, caustic nature of the chemicals used inside of them. With Jackson’s battery, he created a formula for a totally harmless new electrolyte for use inside of the battery. He created this using low-purity metals such as recycled drinks cans! This means he avoids using expensive materials such as pure aluminium and makes his battery more cost effective.

Jackson demonstrated his battery by cutting off the top of a can of coke, drained it, then filled it with his electrolyte. He clipped electrodes to it which then powered a small propeller. He stated that the energy would keep the propeller spinning for a month! Furthermore he even drank some of the electrolyte to show how harmless it is!

This new discovery has obviously attracted a lot of attention, especially from Essex based engineering firm Austin Electric. The firm has signed a multi-million pound deal with Jackson to start mass producing them.

Hopefully we should see them being implemented soon!

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