These are some of the common questions we have had from customers over the years and provides you with an insight of how our business operates to make sure a high level of service, that our customers have come to expect, is met.

What are RTP Material Handling’s opening times? Orders can be placed through our website 24/7. If you need to contact a member of our team, our office hours are 8.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday. You can also place an enquiry on the contact us page and member of our sales team will get in touch as soon as possible.

How do I place an order on the website? Simply select the products you would like to purchase and add them to your basket. Once all items have been added to your basket, you can choose ‘proceed to purchase’ or using the ‘place enquiry’ form. The ‘proceed to purchase’ button will take you to your shopping basket where your selected products will appear. Here you can increase or decrease the amount you require to purchase and also remove any products you may not require. Once happy with the products, click the ‘calculate shipping’ button. You can still add products to your order – just click the ‘recalculate shipping’ button to show accurate carriage and total.

You can then click ‘Continue to the Billing & Delivery’ to then take you to the page to input your details. Please get in touch if you have any questions or problems.

I’ve seen a product I would like and it shows as a stock item, but could take up to 6-8 weeks to be delivered. Why is this? To ensure are products are of the best quality and value to our customers and with our range of boxes being one of the most extensive in the UK, we source our products from all over the UK & Europe. That means it can take time to get some of the less frequently ordered boxes to you. Below is a guide to show to explain our delivery information:

On Request[1] – These boxes are available by enquiry only. This could be because the manufacturer doesn’t hold stock of the item and will only accept orders of minimum quantities to cover the cost of production. The manufacturer may also only produce that product at certain times of the year in which case we will provide you with an update of an estimated production & delivery date.

Usually dispatched within 24 hours [2] – This is stock that we either hold at our depot or is readily available to us in the UK. Most orders are dispatched within 24 hours – should stock quantities change, we will alert you within 24 hours to provide an update.

Usually delivered within 4 weeks [3] – This is stock that the manufacturer produce at their main production plants in Europe. The stock may be on a 4 week production cycle and in some cases it may be a full 4 weeks before that stock has its next production run. We will update you where possible to provide any information we receive.

Usually delivered within 6-8 weeks [4] – This is stock that the manufacturer produce at their smaller production plants in Europe. The stock may be on a 6 week production cycle and in some cases it may be a full 6 weeks before that stock has its next production run. We will update you where possible to provide any information we receive.

These are all estimates and deliveries can be quicker than expected. In parallel, deliveries can also take a bit longer than estimated – in which case we will provide you an update as your order progresses.

How long does delivery take? If your items are in stock and depending on your location, most deliveries will take 3 working days. For larger items or bulk quantities a pallet delivery may be required.

If next day delivery is required then please get in touch to inform us when placing your order that you would like your products the next day and we will process the order manually to find you the best price.

Please see above for a detailed explanation of our delivery information.

Are there any admin or carriage fees? If so, how much are they? A lot of the products listed offer free admin & carriage when buying a set amount. Admin & carriage fees for orders that don’t meet the minimum order are set by the manufacturer. These minimum orders are programmed into our checkout to show if the minimum order isn’t met. Some manufacturers allow you to mix & match products to meet their minimum order. Just adding a few extra boxes may waive the admin & carriage charges.

Some of our products may be bulk orders only. If you want to order in smaller amounts, then please place an enquiry instead to see what we can offer you. To do this, you can change the order in your basket into an enquiry by following the link. Alternatively, you can use the ‘place enquiry’ button when clicking through to your basket and we will offer you the best possible carriage charges.

Will my delivery arrive all together? In most cases, yes. However, if ordering a number of different products there is a chance that your goods may arrive as separate deliveries. This is because some items may not be in stock at the time of order (of which you will be informed) or that some products are stored at different warehouses or are shipped directly from the factory. If you have any special delivery requirements, please make sure you inform us when placing your order.

Do I have to pay VAT? Yes, our prices are displayed excluding VAT. VAT will be displayed at the checkout.

Can I collect my products to avoid admin & carriage charges? Unfortunately it is not possible to collect orders from our dispatch depot. However, if you make an enquiry, we will do our best to offer you the best possible carriage rates for your order.

Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)? The minimum order quantity depends on what manufacturer the product is from. Although the majority of our products don’t have a minimum order quantity, there are carriage & admin charges for orders below a certain value. Again, this is dependent on the manufacturer.

Do you sell to domestic customers? Yes, although we are primarily business-to-business suppliers we have a huge number of domestic customers. Business and domestic customers can both use our website to place their orders in exactly the same way.

Do you supply overseas? We do supply overseas by enquiry. Currently products ordered through our website can only be shipped to the UK.

I need some advice on a product – How can I get speak to a member of your sales team? You can get hold of our helpful sales team by calling: 01884308218 or emailing us: You can also use our contact form for us to give you a call back.

Can I personalise my items with print? Many of our products can be personalised with print. Please contact us for details or request a quotation.

Can we custom design any equipment? We have a highly creative design team that can use Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology to provide a solution. Our engineer can come to your site to discuss any ideas and look at ways to improve your workflow with LEAN manufacturing in mind. Once designed, you will be able to see it in a full-3D colour plan before the fabrication process. Click here to have a look at our bespoke design page and see some of our previous projects.

We can also custom design and build many of our materials handling equipment, from tray racks to work benches. Please contact us for details or request a quotation.

We are based in Glasgow and we are interested in finding a solution to protect our critical components. Could we arrange a site visit? Yes – we can have our engineer or sales rep come to your site – please contact us. Being based in Devon and with close links to the M5, we have customers all over the UK and are happy to come and meet you to show what we can offer to your business. With over 15 years experience within the industry, we have a vast understanding of how bespoke products can be utilised to speed up production, reduce waste, improve health & safety, save money, utilise floor space & improve efficeincy.

Can you provide certification with your products? Yes, many of our products can be supplied with certification on request. All our food grade items are made to the highest industry standards. All of our dangerous goods packaging exceed regulations set in the UN certification. If possible, please contact us for specific details and certificates before placing your order.