Fabric & Textiles

Fabrics can be used for covers & collapsible dunnage and are lightweight & durable. We are able to supply fabric in a variety of materials, patterns, sizes – with or without a high degree of stretchability.

Transportation Benefits

Fabrics such as PVC, ripstop nuylon & canvas are ideal for dunnage which is suspended from the side walls of a container. For example, when used in an FLC (folding large container) or stack & nest container to transport components securely & safely. At the end of transportation and the fabric dunnage is empty, they can be released from the side walls and dropped into the box allowing the sides of the box to fold in – saving space for the return journey of transit. Another advantage of fabric dunnage is it is reusable and recyclable, reducing external and unnecessary costs for your company.

Trolley Covers

Trolley covers can provide protection to elements such as dust & rain. An additional benefit is that we can insulate these covers. This makes transporting items, such as chemicals with a controlled temperature range, a safer process.

Vent Covers

Fabric is perfect for using as vent covers due to it being available in a range of materials and can be provided in any sizes. A customer of ours required a vent cover to close the opening of a chimney that they used for testing jet engines. The vent cover was 3 metres wide and stopped drafts coming down the chimney & heat escaping up the chimney when it wasn’t being used.