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With space now at an economic premium, RTP Materials Handling has an extensive range of storage facilities, all of which can provide a maximisation of space and labour efficient solutions for your work flow, ultimately saving you money. Storage is not only fixed such as racking and cabinets but can also be mobile and working within a work in progress (WIP) environment. Whichever you require, RTP Materials Handling have the right solution for you.

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Fixed Storage

Fixed Storage

Efficient storage of your components, work in progress and products is essential for a profitable business and an effective manufacturing system - we can help deliver the best solution for your needs

Shelving and Racking is a great storage solution for your premises. Our range covers everything from “off the shelf” racking solutions to a bespoke shelf unit to suit your work in progress. Whethe

Mobile Storage

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a compact, efficient and organised method of storage

Mobile storage is a compact, efficient and organised method of storage. There is a range of options available to you, and we can help you find the best way to move your stored components, tools and pr