2020 is finally here! We hope everybody has had a great new years and are looking forward to what 2020 brings!

Here are a couple new years resolutions if you haven’t set your own already:


Learn a new skill or hobby! – The new year can be a great time to invest yourself in new activities, you never know, you might find a lifelong interest!

Travel more! – The world is a big place, Expand your horizons and see what it has to offer you!

Exercise more! – If you don’t already, implementing regular exercise into your week will benefit you both physically and mentally! You’ll quickly notice the difference!

Spend more time with family and friends! – You cant help being busy, but trying to make time for the people around you where you can will always be a nice gesture.

Cut down on smoking/alcohol! – Whilst a lot of us enjoy the occasional drink (Especially at Christmas and new years) it’s good to keep it in moderation! If you think you might smoke or drink a bit too much, cut down for 2020!

The most important thing is to set achievable goals specific to you!

Happy new years from all of us at RTP!

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