In a big effort to reduce single use plastic, Tesco has decided to remove plastic packaging from its multi-pack tins. They state that it will remove around 350 tonnes of plastic per year from the environment, a huge amount!

Tesco will implement the changes on the 2nd of March by stopping ordering plastic wrapped multi packs. Stores will sell the remaining on shelf items however until stock is depleted. With 183,000 multi packs of tins sold every day, they are some of the most frequently bought grocery items  across the UK. This shows the level of impact removing this unnecessary packaging could potentially have!

Furthermore, according to a 2019 report from Greenpeace, The top eight UK supermarkets produced 58.3 billion pieces of plastic packaging last year. A lot of this figure made up of multi pack packaging such as this!

Fiona Nichols, an ocean plastic campaigner for Greenpeace states that “This is such an easy, common sense first step that all supermarkets should have done long ago.”

I’m sure we can all agree this is a positive development, but as Fiona said, should this have happened sooner?

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