We listen to our customers, observe their procedures and develop LEAN manufacturing packaging solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and aid adherence to quality requirements for large and small companies.

Here at RTP Materials Handling Ltd we look at the flow of a company’s products, looking for areas of scrap in components and packaging usage, areas of restriction or poor movement (the hidden costs to the business). With the increasing push to reduce our waste under the EEC Waste and Waste Packaging regulations, a purpose designed returnable transit packaging or closed loop packaging system will last for many years saving landfill waste and the costs associated with this.


RTP Materials Handling has a wealth of experience gained from the many unique projects undertaken over the years. Below is one such example:

Dunnage designed to store and transport heavy tools

We were commissioned to provide boxes with dunnage designed to store and transport heavy tools (200kg per box). These boxes need to be cleaned regularly so the dunnage is made from easy to clean ABS which has high rigidity and impact strength. As these tools are used in an engineering environment, we chose to use ABS because of its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, good chemical and stress cracking resistance to inorganic salt solutions, alkalis and many acids (with the exception of strong oxidizing acids). ABS is also tough and dimensionally stable. Taking into account costs, ABS in our experience is the best material for this job because of these attributes. The dunnage was also designed avoiding sharp corners where oil and dirt could accumulate. These boxes are also versatile as the internal dunnage can be changed if or when the tool changes in length.

The box itself is mounted on a pallet base to ensure these heavy items are handled correctly as the weight of the tool is too great for manual handling. Storage becomes relatively easy as they can now be stored on pallet racking and brought out by fork lift as required using the pallet base.

The design and production of this box demonstrates our knowledge of materials, available products, LEAN manufacturing and our ability to listen to our customers and use their knowledge of the process to produce the best solution within the cost constraints.


Second World War Mustang Trolley

Not only are we able to supply standard products, the cheapest option, we are also able to design and prototype more unusual solutions using computer aided design (CAD).

One of our more exciting jobs was to design and produce a trolley to move a Second World War Mustang around a museum to enable maintenance and restoration work to be carried out while the wings, and therefore the undercarriage, have been removed and without damaging the exhibit. Click here to see some of our other projects.


In order to provide the optimum solution for your site, we recommend a site visit to your business to ensure we understand your job flow and processes whilst taking into account all building constraints. Having spent at least one day looking at the site and how your business operates, we supply a report detailing the requirements for the reusable packaging, all the options available and our recommended option. If our recommendations are not taken up, then we invoice for the report at this stage.

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As part of the site visit we study the job flow, looking at where improvements can be made and stock control optimised. In some cases this will be a tweak.

Using techniques such as gravity racking and visual hints ensures that a first in first out system can run efficiently and effectively.

We can supply trolleysdolliescontainers and dunnage that will take the raw materials and transport the component around the assembly line as it is assembled ensuring that all tools and parts are available at the right time.

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