Due to the tourists and nightlife seekers, last year Ibiza produced 14% more waste than the rest of Europe per person. Campaigners for the Ibiza preservation foundation state that after the tourists leave, they put a huge strain on Ibiza’s environment.

DJ and producer Blond:ish, a popular DJ on the Ibiza clubbing scene, is a well known campaigner for sustainability in the music industry. She takes time to educate clubs and party seekers on single use plastics, with the eventual goal of DJing at zero-plastic shows. She encourages other artists to go plastic free where possible in an effort to tackle pollution.

Some clubs are also doing their part to tackle this issue. For example Pacha has signed up for the Ibiza Preservation’s plastic-free star rating system. The preservation put the system in place to phase out single-use plastic and reward nightclubs for doing so. The scheme hopes to phase out single use plastics in Ibiza by 2023. The system also rewards participants with stars, branding their club as environmentally friendly, which is obviously great for their image. Both the club and the environment benefit!

Hopefully soon more clubs will follow suit and sign up for the movement!

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