A Japanese wildlife group found that nine deer have died in the last four months due to swallowing plastic bags.

The group recorded this shocking info in Japan’s Nara Park, A popular tourist location that is home to over 1’200 deer! Locals regard the”Sika Deer” as a national treasure, implementing laws protecting them against any harm.

The animals would essentially smell food in these bags and swallow them. This led to them becoming malnourished and eventually dying due to blocked digestive systems.

One deer was said to have eaten 4kg worth of plastic bags and other waste, a shocking amount!

The local government is currently looking into the problem. They are doing this by implementing signs informing tourists not to feed the animals or leave waste.

In summary, Single-use plastic causes everyone nothing but problems! The detrimental effect that it has on nature and wildlife couldn’t be more obvious in this case.

Now, if you haven’t already, is an ideal time to consider returnable transit packaging as an alternative. All RTP packaging is designed to have a long life and be recycled back into business for years to come.

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