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Lidl Leading the Way in 100% Recyclable Packaging

Monday 15th October 2018

Lidl UK says it will remove black plastic from its entire fruit and vegetable range by the end of the month

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Plastic Welded Euro Dividers Environmental Factor Good Bad

Plastic Doesn’t Have To Be Bad

Wednesday 10th October 2018

There are lots of reasons why we are pro-plastic - it's durable, hard wearing, can easily be fabricated, can be cleaned & reused, doesn't absorb moisture, doesn't rust & it is recyclable!

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rtpmh.com foam tray tool control cnc cut

Looking to Implement Tool Control? Let us Help!

Monday 1st October 2018

From our experience, the planning & implementation of tool control is notorious for taking longer & costing more than initially expected. ... more

custom extended oversized large tooling plastic pallet courier location pins strong rims bespoke metal heavy duty

6 Reasons to Use Plastic Pallets over Wooden Pallets

Monday 24th September 2018

Wooden pallets are the most common pallets in use when it comes to manufacturing & logistics. They can be reused, easily repaired and are relatively cheap. But wooden pallets are heavy, difficult to clean, have a high risk of infestation & contamination and can easily be damage - all which lead to regular pallet replacement.

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indonesia sea horse rubbish cotton bud ear plastic waste sealife waste garbage

Can You Flush Them Down The Loo?

Wednesday 5th September 2018

In 2017, a fatberg was found in the sewer systems of East London stretching the length of two football pitches, with a lot of the fatberg being made up of plastic waste.

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