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pick and pluck foam

P&P Foam at RTP!

Friday 22nd November 2019

Have a project in which you need foam sheets for but aren't sure what size you need? This is a common problem for a lot of our customers! ... more

Black friday graphic

“Make Black Friday green again”

Monday 18th November 2019

Everybody loves black Friday. The planet however, not so much. It's common knowledge that the black Friday deals make people buy things they don't really need. This leads to overproduction of products and an overall spike in climate change! But are the deals worth it? ... more

Safecontractor logo

Safecontractor verified, yet again!

Thursday 14th November 2019

Were proud to announce another year of being safecontractor verified! ... more

epp rtp protection pockets dividers foam injection moulding www.rtpmh.com

14 Years going strong!

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Were proud to announce a number of our RTP containers have been in circulation for 14 years! ... more

Plastic bag bonds picture

Breakin’ the bonds, one plastic bag at a time

Thursday 31st October 2019

A Professor Poeppelmeir of Northwestern University, Illinois, US has recently announced his new method of breaking down polyethylene bonds! Considering this is the plastic manufacturers most commonly use to make plastic bags, this is really quite a groundbreaking discovery. ... more