We at RTP are proud to announce that we have invested in new on-site CNC machining.

For those that are not aware, CNC stands for computer numerical control. A CNC essentially follows specifications coded into it by a technician and cuts accordingly.

Our skilled technicians create these specifications in the form of 3D CAD drawings. These are then inputted into the unit and it cuts independently! The CNC can cut a variety of different materials, ranging from plastic to foam and much more. Our new CNC has cutting dimensions of 300x1500x915mm. This makes the unit one of the largest running in the entire southwest!

We can fabricate a variety of intricate designs using the CNC’s auto-switching drill bits.

After extensive fine-tuning and optimization, you can be certain that any machining we carry out in our facilities will be accurate and efficient.

This new investment should overall increase the speed and flexibility of all bespoke design contracts by a significant amount.

Contact us for any more details!

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