Everybody loves black Friday. The planet however, not so much. It’s common knowledge that the black Friday deals make people buy things they don’t really need. This leads to overproduction of products and an overall spike in climate change! But are the deals worth it?

The “Make Friday green again collective” is formed of over 300 clothing brands, all boycotting black Friday for environmental reasons! They state that they want shoppers to spend the day looking in their wardrobe for items they can repair, sell or recycle. This is all in an effort to reduce excessive purchasing and make people think about if they really need that new pair of shoes.

On the other hand, the British retail consortium  argues that the day is positive and allows people to buy things they couldn’t usually afford! Whilst being positive for the customer, retailers benefit from the day, with some selling 5% of their yearly turnover in one day! So economically speaking, black Friday is a no brainer!

It’s certainly an interesting debate to think about, both parties definitely have convincing arguments!

Will you be participating in the sales this year?

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