World War II Mustang Dolly


This exciting project of creating a dolly for a World War II Mustang to be manoeuvered around the Rolls Royce Heritage Trust in Bristol with the wings detached (which is where the wheels are located) for it’s restoration project required vast knowledge and precision.

With the wheels in the wings and space at a premium, when we had an enquiry about this project we were very excited to be offered the chance to provide a solution in the form of a dolly.

No drawings were supplied, so a site visit from our sales engineer was required. Our engineer measured directly from the aircraft with a good attention to detail. Our design team was then able to design and fabricate a dolly to fit. The mustang was then able to be manoeuvered around tight & confined spaces. It wasn’t going to cause damage to itself or it’s surroundings whilst still being accessible for restoration.

Our design team created this dolly that took full support of the Mustang whilst giving minimal extra width to the floor space it took up. This coupled with swivel castors allowed the Mustang to be turned and manoeuvered within it’s own body length. The pressure points on the Mustang’s body are rubber coated to avoid damage to the bodywork. The dolly can also be broken down into smaller sections for when it the Mustang is ready for reassembly.