Heavy Duty Fixture Pallet with Removable Castors & Anti-Slip Surface


A pallet designed for Howdens Compressors of Glasgow for them to easily store & transport heavy & expensive fixtures. This prevents the fixture becoming damaged, makes each trip more efficient and helps Howdens provide a safe working environment for their employees.

This bespoke metal fixture pallet was designed and fabricated for Howdens Compressors to easily move & store 4000kg fixtures. The pallet features removable castors, blanking plates, lasing rings, welded rims & an anti-slip deck. We were contacted by Howdens who were in need of a solution to move heavy machinery around their warehouse easily whilst ensuring the pallet can be kept static when necessary. The castors are attached to plates that are easily removed, ensuring the fixture pallet can sit level on the floor. The anti-slip deck stops the machinery moving around and for extra safety, a heavy-duty rim is welded to the top.

This also helps Howdens ensure they provide a safe working environment and minimalize the chance of injury when moving heavy fixtures around their site.