Heavy Duty Metal Pallet for Unstable Load


Howdens Compressors of Glasgow required a work in progress solution to transport their large compressor casing with critical faces to reduce the amount of risky health & safety lifts during the 4 machining processes that are required when transporting between the processes.

With the compressor casing weighing 3.1 tonnes and being 1.6 metres in diameter and at being only 620mm in depth, the nautral position for storing and moving was to lay it down on top of a wooden pallet. This took up valuable floor space but also moving it would require a number of machine lift every time the casing was taken to a different machining process.

This also compromised health & safety every time as the heavy casing was tripped up & lay down flat – causing a very serious health risk.

We designed a metal stillage with a sliding plate that stabilises the casing in an upright position. Plastic was used to cover the metal pallet to prevent metal to metal contact.

PE300 was used on the uprights, while PE1000 was used on the base as a slip board due to its sliding properties. Ratchet straps were attached to each side to ensure the sliding plate is pulled along the runners in even distribution when clamping the casing in place.

This stillage is now in full use and saves 9 risky health & safety lifts during each machining process. The casing use to over hang the wooden pallet it sat on and this is now eradicated by standing upright and takes up 40% less floor space.