Composite Material Harness Arc, Racking and Trolley


One of our aerospace customers required a composite material harness to hold pipework and electronics which was then attached to the outside of an aerospace engine. A rack that made them easily accessible was also required to avoid damage.

Originally, this racking was bulky and heavy – they required a forklift to move them and being transported around in wooden crates. This required 2 people to move them.

At 2.8m wide and 1m high, we designed a more lightweight solution. We also designed this trolley to make them easily transportable and allowing a single person to move it about freely without strain. This has improved efficiency and decreased production time within the department.
We also designed and provided this racking for the harnesses which make them easily accessible and saves space, while keeping them all uniform. 

Here at RTP Materials Handling, we have many years experience designing and working in the aerospace industry so we know how important it is to be extra vigilant when it comes to the design process – which is something we maintain across all our projects. We pride ourselves on all our work and our professionalism has led us to work with some major aerospace companies all over the UK.