Wooden pallets are the most common pallets in use when it comes to manufacturing & logistics. They can be reused, easily repaired and are relatively cheap. But wooden pallets are heavy, difficult to clean, have a high risk of infestation & contamination and can easily be damaged – all which leads to regular pallet replacement.

More recently, plastic pallets have become a growing alternative to wood. We list some of the reasons why…


Although wooden pallets can be reused a number of times, plastic pallets are less likely to break down & suffer damage on repeated trips. Plastic pallets can also withstand the elements and don’t rot like wooden pallets. Plastic pallets have a much higher load capacity than a wooden alternative, making them ideal for carrying heavy cargo during shipping and when being moved by a forklift truck in the warehouse.

Cost Effective

Although plastic pallets usually have a higher initial cost, the cost per trips is often significantly lower due to the durability – plastic pallets will easily last in excess of 100 trips.

In recent years, the cost of plastic pallets has become more comparable to wooden pallets due to technological advances and an increase in usage. Plastic pallets tend to be lighter – saving in transport costs when weight is taking into account.


Plastic pallets do not absorb moisture and can easily be cleaned – preventing the common issues associated with wooden pallets such as rot, infestation & odour absorption.

Manufacturers usually construct plastic pallets  in one solid piece, leaving no dirt traps. This means they can be thoroughly cleaned between usage.

Certain countries (ISPM15) & industries (pharmaceutical & catering) have regulatory hygiene requirements, making plastic pallets perfect.

Environmentally Friendly

When taking into account the process of making the pallet, the life cycle and the disposal and recycling of the pallets, you may be surprised to find that the more environmentally friendly option is a plastic pallet.

Plastic pallets can be fully recycled at the end of their life cycle & pallets made of recycled plastic further promote a circular plastic economy where waste is reduced & not produced.


We have been in the industry for over 10 years now and we have had many requests for reinforced & extended or oversized pallets. With our expertise in plastic fabrication, we have been able to design & produce pallets for our customers that are not available off the shelf.

These have included anti-slip surfaces, heavy duty rims, location pins, lashing rings & reinforced bases.


Plastic pallets don’t have the weak spots that wooden pallets have, due to them being constructed in one solid piece. This makes them less likely to buckle under a heavy load and units falling from the pallet. Choosing plastic over wood, you also remove nails in the construction, broken boards and the risk of splinters. This all prevents damage to goods and a safer working environment for employees.

Are plastic pallets right for your business?

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