Our client, Howdens Compressors of Glasgow has award Martin Downling a High-5 award for his ‘Commitment to Continuous Improvement’ (Kaizen). This award is to show the commitment and vision martin has showed to improve the environmental, health & safety perspective of material handling whilst simultaneously improving the aesthetics of the casing line and improving visual standards.

We have been working together with Martin, the production engineer at Howdens Compressors, for the past year and would like to give him a huge congratulations.

Over the past year, Martin has had our full support and we have supplied Howdens Compressors with no metal to metal solutions for large tooling & storage whilst also providing them with a range of tool control – all colour-coded to provide a seamless visual standard across the whole department meeting principles of Lean Manufacturing. In turn, Howdens Compressors have seen improvements in productivity, quality, and lead-time by eliminating waste.

We look forward to working on future projects with Martin and his team at Howdens Compressors.