Foam can be used to provide protection for your products, but it also has other uses.

Box Inserts

Have you experienced damage to your products during transit? When your products & components are in transit, how can you ensure they won’t get damaged?

We can provide solutions from EPP inserts to bespoke colour-coded foam measured & designed to fit your products. These solutions eliminate damage when in transit & storage and reduce your costs of returns & replacements.

Tool Control

Specialist tooling is usually very expensive – and losing & misplacing tooling is extremely expensive!

Sometimes tooling kits require replacing due to wear & tear and you can plan ahead on these occasions. But when tooling is lost or stolen, it is an instantaneous problem and sourcing specialist equipment best for the job can be a timely process. This could lead to delays in projects and could lead to unhappy customers.

We can offer tooling cases with foam inserts that are purpose-built for your tooling. These can be multi-tonal in colour to quickly highlight if a tool is missing. This also increases efficiency when working on a job with tools being easily located.

Foam Dividers

When dealing with expensive products & components, even the smallest of surface damage can result in a product being rejected. We have seen an increase over the years of customers turning to foam dividers & dunnage as they look to prevent delays in production, stock being written off & significant replacement costs. If damaged products end up with your customer, you would also have to factor in the damage it could do to your reputation as a brand and the repeat business the customer may bring.


When you are trying to showcase a product, first impressions can be crucial. To ensure your product has the best chance, the packaging needs to stand out whilst being aesthetically pleasing to your potential clients.

It can be easy to get lost amongst other brands in your field. Here are a few things that should be considered:

  • Provides a more professional appearance in sales presentations and pitches
  • Provides product differentiation and gains attention when used in retail packs
  • Can also be used to “add value” to consumer packaging (e.g. inside gift or presentation boxes)
  • Use of colour branding allows for consistent brand appearance
  • Inherent foam protection minimises damage – reducing returns & enhancing customer satisfaction