As businesses look at more ways to minimise waste, bulk & folding large containers provide many benefits to a range of industries for storage, picking, processing, assembly & distribution. These industries include manufacturing, produce, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutical, poultry, catering, bakery & electronics.



During transit, packaging can take a bit of abuse. Bulk containers are designed to cope with wear & tear and can easily survive many return trips – one of our customers still has containers going round their system that have been used at least 1500 trips over the space of 7 years!

Moisture Resistance

Using plastic containers give your products superior protection to ensure your goods get to the destination in the condition you would expect. Plastics are weather-resistant, non-absorbent and resistant to most chemicals giving it a big advantage over cardboard when it comes to ensuring your packaging is offering maximum protection.

Time Saving

Folding containers can be erected in seconds – free up your employees to spend their time focusing on other tasks & production.


The size of our containers can be made completely bespoke to your business needs. Interior fittings can also be designed for your contents such as plastic welded dividers, foam cushioning and plastic trays to optimise loading & protection.


Our containers can be stacked on top of each, subject to load limits. We can also reinforce our containers to increase the load rating.

On return trips, folding large containers and sleeve packs are tremendous space-savers with all being able to be collapsed & stacked.

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