Currently, the UK only recycle an estimated 50% of the bottles used compared to 97% in Norway.

In the Scandinavian country, consumers pay a small additional charge on each bottle they buy. When the bottle is returned either to the shop or a recycling machine, the deposit is refunded. The deposit ranges from about 10p for a small bottle to 25p for a large bottle.

In the UK over 35.8 million bottles are consumed each day, with 16 million of these failing to reach plastic recycling facilities.

Being in the industry for over 15 years, Returnable Transit Packaging has always been our area of expertise – Plastic is reusable, strong & hard-wearing, easy to clean, lightweight, cost effective and the majority of plastics can be recycled.

With the increasing push to reduce our waste under the EEC Waste and Waste Packaging regulations, we listen to our customers, observe their procedures and develop LEAN manufacturing packaging solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency and aid adherence to quality requirements for large and small companies. A purpose designed returnable transit packaging or closed loop packaging system will last for many years saving landfill waste and the costs associated with this.

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