Heavy Duty Rotor Blade Pallet Box with Fabricated Side Walls


This plastic pallet box was designed and fabricated to have adjustable dividers that can be moved along depending on the length of the rotor blades going inside the box. The sign on the side of the box is used to easily identify the part numbers inside the box while they are stacked.

Howdens Compressors of Glasgow were looking for a safe storage solution as they were storing their expensive rotor blades suspended from wooden blocks with castellations which were overhangling the stillage frame they were placed on – potential for costly damage from fork trucks & bump trucks moving around the warehouse and also posed a health & safety hazard. They were looking for a solution that would prevent the rotor blades from damage, save space and made them easily identifiable.

In the design process we needed something that would cover a range of sizes & would take various weights and opted for a 1200 x 800 mm plastic pallet box to cover the ranges. The weights vary from 24kg to 616kg with 2 – 4 rotor blades per pallet box. The advantages of this pallet box are the high load capacity and the ability to stack the boxes – saving floor space. During the fabrication of the box, we also used machined polyethylene bases & side walls which were plastic welded to the bottom and sides of the box. This provided us with the adjustable slots for the dividers and also gave the reinforcements to the box. The machined dividers were also made using high-grade polyethylene for it’s excellent sliding & hard-wearing properties. This allows the dividers to slide into the plastic welded side walls. The box pallets also have personalised signs on the side with magnetic attachments to help identify which rotor blades are inside the box.

The pallet boxes are now in use with the Howdens rotor blades and they are very happy to have something that is unique for their product and makes their storage look uniform and in good order. The boxes can easily be stacked on top of one another using a fork lift truck, saving space on the department floor. The rotor blades are also now safe & secure inside the box with protection and peace of mind that they can’t be damaged.