Drawer Unit with 200kg UDL Capacity and 2 Metre Stand

Drawer Unit with 200kg UDL Capacity and 2 Metre Stand

Our customer required a solution to stop having to walk clamps up and down the stairs to the machine that was up on a mezzanine floor without being able to place the drawer unit on the mezzanine floor due to lack of space.

An aircraft engine manufacturer required a drawer unit for a machining operation that was being carried out on a mezzanine floor, 2 metres off ground level. Each drawer contained between 36 – 48 clamps weighing 2-4kg each so each drawer had a Uniform Distribution Load of 200kg. Due to being on ground level, these clamps were being taken up only 2 at a time and with nearly 300 clamps this was not the most efficient way. It was also raised as a health and safety concern.

RTP Materials Handling designed a drawer cabinet that is now at mezzanine floor level. With the space on the mezzanine level not big enough to allow the drawers to open to their full capacity, the unit was offset from the mezzanine floor on a large stand. To do this we removed a glass panel and attached 2 visible yellow safety rails beside the drawer cabinet to ensure all health & safety needs were met.

The customer was also looking for a way to improve efficiency. With each drawer being for a different process and each process containing 6 different stages we came up with a solution. From taking measurements of the clamps, we were also able to provide CNC-cut foam inserts to fit the drawers. This allows the clamps to be laid out in order of use and also, using black foam and yellow foam, it is now easy to identify if any clamps are missing.

This drawer unit solved the customer’s problems and has increased efficiency greatly.

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