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Injection Moulded & CNC Cut Foam - RTP Materials Handling
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Foam Fabrication

At RTP Materials Handling, we can design and manufacture any foam inserts required. These inserts provide impact protection for delicate and precision products/instruments. Foam inserts are reusable in a returnable (closed loop) packaging system multiple times. There is also the potential for fantastic presentation opportunities.

If a cut out is required, it can be either Die Cut or CNC Routed. CNC Routing gives a more precise fit around the component to be held. In both cases, it is also possible to use different colours in different layers, giving a visual indicator that a part or tool is out of place.

For strong, dense foam fabrications we can supply injection moulded trays and containers. Additionally, foam wedges used to hold products in place without scratching or knocking the product, and they can be supplied in various sizes.

There is a wide range of foams available, each with unique characteristics. There are closed cell foams, which tend to be more impervious to liquids and produce a sharper shape, and there are open cell foams which absorb liquid.

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DIE Cutting

DIE cutting is completed using a stamp, especially good for large quantities

Injection moulded foam dunnage insert product

Injection Moulding

The foam density can be varied at manufacture from dense (strong and durable) to low (protection of critical faces). Suitable for higher volume runs

CNC routed black foam over a yellow foam showing tool shapes

CNC Routing

CNC routing is used for elaborate shapes