Bespoke Cabinets & Cupboards

Our drawer cabinets and cupboards are an ideal method of storage and are adept at organising files and paperwork for your company, as well as locking away valuable tools and components or even computer stations that need to be locked to prevent unauthorised use.

Here at RTP we typically make our drawers cabinets and cupboards out of sheet metal. The drawers usually use a drawer slide to facilitate opening the drawer. This includes an ‘outstop’ to prevent people from pulling the drawer completely from the cabinet. On the front face of each drawer is usually a label holder which allows identification of the contents. Internally, drawer cabinets can house foam dunnage to store tools and accessories.

We can design drawers, cabinets, and cupboards so that they can be kept secure with a keyed lock. This, therefore, would prevent unauthorized access to private documents within. RTP Materials Handling can provide bespoke drawer cabinets and cupboards to you as storage and as an improvement to your workspace criteria. We can fit these units to castors to enable mobile storage for your convenience.

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