It is in RTP’s ethos to recycle & reuse and strive to repair as much as we can. Using LEAN manufacturing, our unique packaging systems are designed around your components using our experience to improve your efficiency, prevent damage & overproduction and ensuring movement is always an easy solution. When packaging becomes damaged, these things may become more exposed and we can offer you a full repair & management service allowing you to focus on the important elements of your business.

With the focus for everyone to be going green, we encourage everyone to repair their returnable transit packaging.

We expect our packaging to last in excess of 10 years when handled with care in a closed loop packaging system. This will improve the efficiency of your operations and will reduce costs when compared to one-time use packaging. From time to time, you may find that poor handling or accidents with forklift trucks may cause damage and the packaging may be deemed unusable. We often see folding large containers with damaged or missing doors & feet, cracks in pallet boxes from forklift truck damage, snapped bale arms on stacking crates & damaged euro containers or tote boxes.

You may also change the specific use of the returnable packaging. We are confident we can modify your old packaging to ensure you get the most efficient use out of it and prevent damage to your products. With our specialist welding equipment, we can weld dividers & extended boxes & pallets in polypropylene & polyethylene. Take a look at what we can offer here.

The odd box going missing or getting damaged may not be something to worry about, but our sales engineer recently attended a client’s site and was made aware that a department was dangerously low of packaging for their components – with the possibility of having to close down a production line and costing thousands of pounds. Our sales engineer was aware the packaging was not a standard size and it would take 6-8 weeks to get replacements. With our sales engineer’s knowledge of the site, he took the pro-active approach of checking the ‘equipment graveyard’. After doing so, he found 274 of these boxes that were deemed damaged & taken out of the loop. Out of the 274 that were returned to our skilled repair team, 256 were repaired & cleaned and were back in circulation within a week – and the production line was kept live. All units that could not be repaired were then recycled and reground into pellets.

This saved our customer huge amounts of money and hassle and we have now set up a packaging pool management plan to ensure that production is always running. They have made other departments aware of our service and we have repaired over 1000 items for our customers.

RTP Materials Handling Ltd can offer a full pool management service allowing you more time to focus on the core operation of your business whilst also benefitting from optimisation of returnable packaging pool size, reduction of packaging losses & product damage, improved health & safety practice and increased visibility of information such as stock holdings & locations, using RFID.