Closed loop packaging is used to reduce costs of recyclable goods or packaging waste. Companies are encouraged to reuse transport packaging such as crates or pallets in order to keep these costs down.

Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) is designed to reduce the hidden costs.

By incorporating long lasting packaging equipment saves landfill waste and costs from EEC Waste and Waste Packaging Regulations. RTP can be ordered in a variety of sizes and even designed to fit the customer’s product therefore saving space, protects product & improves efficiency.

Closed loop procedures were introduced to the public at the supermarket in the fresh produce aisle. Stack and nest containers improves efficiency and minimises the amount of space required to store empty containers. The stack and nest containers can be sent to the producer to be filled at the farm. They are then transported to the store where they will be returned to the farm for refilling.

RTP Materials Handling centres on these needs, and after a site survey can design a purpose made system. RTP can incorporate containers, dunnage, trolleys and dollies which maximise the lifespan of containers and protect components. This can also ease the workload of the user and maintaining safety regulations.