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small parts bin plastic strong fit euro container stacker schoeller allibert lid

Euro Box Insert P/N 9743.006.000

MPN: 3-291N-1
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Manufacturer: Georg Utz, Supplier:
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External Length:3-291N-4mm
External Width:3-291N-2mm
External Height:3-291N-3mm
Internal Length:3-291N-7mm
Internal Width:3-291N-5mm
Internal Height:3-291N-6mm
Panel Width:3-291N-10mm
Panel Height:3-291N-11mm
Diameter External:3-291N-12mm
Diameter Internal:3-291N-13mm
Internal Loc Width:3-291N-19mm
Internal Loc Length:3-291N-20mm
Ground Clearance:3-291N-21mm
Stacking Height:3-291N-36mm
Capacity:3-291N-22 L
Weight:3-291N-23 KG
No. Drawers:3-291N-31
No. Tiers:3-291N-32
No. Doors:3-291N-33
No. Containers:3-291N-34
Is Bespoke:Yes
Is Adjustable:Yes
Multi-Pack Vlume:3-291N-44
No. Treads:3-291N-45
Tread Type:3-291N-46
Avg. Working Height:3-291N-47
Platform Height:3-291N-48
UN Certification:3-291N-49
UDL Capacity:3-291N-50
LBU Value:3-291N-52
No. Shelves:3-291N-9
Drawer Front height:3-291N-8mm
Pocket Shape:3-291N-14
Pocket Diameter:3-291N-15mm

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