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MPN: NT1631 (P)
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Blue solid pallet box moulded in high molecular weight structural foam polythylene. Manufactured in one piece this 3runner pallet box is capable of carrying up to 900kg. Bulk box container in blue designed for long term storage and short-haul transport. These boxes are hygienic and offer reduced weight and product protection. Solid heavy duty pallet box moulded in food grade HDPE supported on 3 runners. Interworks with BLK1210-740GRY-AHPB3, BLK1210-740BLU-AHPB3, BLK1210-740BLU-ACE, BLK1210-740GRY-ACE, BLK1210-740GRN-ACE, BLK1210-740YLW-ACE, BLK1210-740RED-ACE. Lid for this range: LID1210-ACE.

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External Width 1000 mm
External Height 740 mm
External Length 1200 mm
Internal Width 928 mm
Internal Height 605 mm
Internal Length 1120 mm
Long SideSolid
Short SideSolid
UDL Capacity900