A giant plastic Christmas tree in Louth has been the topic of debate in its town council of late. They have decided to spend £7500 on the tree to replace the traditional fir that costs £900 per year. Although a big investment, those who supported the decision said there would be a lower carbon footprint over the 10-year lifespan.

One supporter stated “Over a 10-year period, an artificial Christmas tree produces lower carbon emissions. The carbon footprint is lower than the deforestation of 10 real trees.” Furthermore, councilors at the meeting were informed that the supplier would plant a tree in the Borneo rainforest for each item sold.

However, Opponents stated that the levels of CO2 involved in manufacturing and shipping created a much larger carbon footprint. An opposing councilor also stated that “Growing trees puts CO2 back into the atmosphere too”

As well as environmental concerns, one councilor highlighted issues regarding the storage and logistics of the giant plastic tree. He stated that: “It’s all got to be put together like a jigsaw”

Whilst there are valid arguments on each side it is certainly an interesting debate.

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