Plastic fabrication can be used in various ways to create a bespoke packaging solution – anything you can think of, we can transform your idea into a design and prototype before a full production run.

Plastic is so versatile it can be injection moulded, vacuum forming/thermoforming and welded to create the product you require.


Benefits of Working with Plastic

  • Easy to clean – a necessity in the food & pharmaceutical industries
  • Protection of critical components & faces – a key requirement in the engineering & aerospace, where a no metal to metal contact rule stipulates
  • Hard wearing & durable – making it a good long term solution
  • Impervious to oil & chemicals – giving it good resistance properties
  • Can be machined – the use of machining makes a more accurate cut
  • Water tight & water resistant – making it a good solution outdoors
  • Highly tensile – plastics such as nylon are good for high strength requirements
  • Lightweight & cost effective compared to other materials