We are very proud of our recent design and fabrication of the bespoke packaging we have just dispatched for Howdens Compressors of Glasgow.

It was project that came to us after expensive rotor blades of various sizes were getting damaged after use as they had no way of storing them. 

This is one of our recently fabricated products. Our in house CAD team used Solidworks to design a 1200mm x 800mm pallet box with sliding divders to make the box able to hold different size rotor blades. Using PE (polyethylene) plastic, we machined a base board for extra support & slotted walls which were then plastic welded to the sides & base. The machined plastic dividers are now easily moved to allow the required size of rotor blade. Designed and fabricated for Howden Compressors to ensure that damage to expensive rotor blades is kept to a minimum, health & safety is met, provide a uniformed box system & blade numbers can be easily identified with the external side information panels with magnetic attachments.