It is that time of the year that most of us welcome – at 2am on Sunday, the clocks go back a whole hour!

Please spare a thought for those who are working the night shift this weekend or those with young children who will now be awake ridiculously early.

For the majority of us, we will probably use that hour by having an extra hour in bed for a well-earned rest. Of course, you deserve it – you have worked sooo hard this year and with the cold mornings starting to settle in, that beautiful summer we had seems like a distant memory.

But for those of you that might want to do something a little more productive with your extra hour, we have listed some top ideas:

A Good Deed

This could be as little as making your other half a cuppa – may not take up your whole hour, but will win you the brownie points. For the more ambitious, maybe take that box of bits & bobs to the local charity shop.

Go for a Run

Remember that ‘get fit’ regime you were going to start as your new year’s resolution? You do? Yes – the one that started really well in January but it is now nearly November and locating your gym wear could now take you up to an hour. This one will more than likely take more willpower than the rest of them – but we are sure you will feel better* for it after.

*We can’t make any guarantees of this – ensure you have the emergency services on speed dial

If you don’t feel like kickstarting that fitness plan, going for a walk & getting some fresh air is also satisfying!

Go Travelling (No Passport Required)

Holidays can be stressful enough – especially if you don’t have enough time to find your passport, pack your bags & get to the airport! I know what you are thinking… How is this even possible?

Well, I will let you in on a little secret – you can go almost anywhere you want – and the best thing is it doesn’t cost a thing! Let me present to you Google Street View – with a little preparation, you could be eating fresh croissants in Paris whilst admiring the Eiffel Tower! Okay, you may have to turn the heating up to get an authentic feel of sitting on that beach in Hawaii but we can promise there will be no delays at passport control!

It may not appeal to everyone, but you may find yourself easily spending more than an hour being a Google Globetrotter!

Bit of DIY

“Don’t forget that shelf in the bathroom needs putting up” “Don’t worry – it’ll be done before Easter” – Do these phrases sound familiar? We all know you are very busy and struggling for time (mainly because you insist on reminding us!), so why not spend your ‘free’ hour getting a start on those odd jobs!

Have a Good Sort Out or Clean

Struggling for time to do those things that have been bugging you for the past 3 months? Use your extra hour to sort out all the clothes that have been hogging the space in your wardrobe. I know they looked really good on you when you wore them last – but that was for your work Christmas party in 2012.

Learn Something Interesting from a Book

As we scroll through various forms of social media and have our eyes glued to the screen, we sometimes forget the value of the information in book form.

Do you remember renting out an encyclopedia from the local library to complete your homework? If you were lucky enough to get a copy of the Guinness World Records Annual for Christmas, a lot of time can be consumed!

For example, the largest human mattress dominoes consisted of 2,016 people and it took 14 minutes & 47 seconds to complete the ‘domino effect’.


These are just a few of the things you could do – some are a little more productive than others but all of them offer you a sense of satisfaction you have done something with your ‘extra’ hour!

Let’s face it – as good as all these ideas are, the majority of us are going to be using that extra hour snuggled up under the quilt – some of us catching up on a tiring week at work, some of us feeling delicate from the night before & some of us just trying to stay warm. After all, we have definitely earned it this year!