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Euro Containers with Plastic Welded Dividers Monday 30th October 2017

Plastic Welded Euro Dividers Environmental Factor Good Bad

As part of our plastic fabrication, we are able to weld plastic together to create bespoke handling solutions. We use the cut and shut method to create an extended box or pallet using a plastic welding gun to bond together – providing a clean strong bond.

We can also weld dividers into euro containers of all sizes to stop components from getting damaged when in transit and give maximum use of the box space.


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Plastic Welding
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Plastic Welding
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RTP Materials Handling Ltd,
Unit 13 Warren Farm, Kentisbeare,Cullompton,Devon-EX15 2BR,
Telephone No.01884308218
Plastic welding can be used for welding inserts into euro containers, making extended pallets & boxes and repairs to plastic items without the costly expense of replacing.