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Customer Catalogue

The online customer catalogue is designed with the intention of becoming a personal directory for every product created for your company.

We provide a complete product portfolio of all bespoke products, held behind a password protected database, as we respect the confidential nature of our customer’s products.

Bespoke products can take time and resources to create, so insight from colleagues can be necessary. Using our catalogue, every bespoke item will have the opportunity for engineers to leave helpful feedback. To develop a new product, input from other company employees can prove vitally important – which will result in a high quality product.

All of our products are labelled by us with our website address, but you are also able to search for a product using terms such as product name, part number or company site, resulting in a more thorough search.

Once you have ordered a product, the customer catalogue also permits you to view all documentation and progress reports. Additionally, if a product fails to progress further than the prototype stage, those products will stay in the system if a need for them arises at a later point in time. RTP Materials Handling Ltd records all information to improve accounting, traceability and, finally, an airtight account of your company’s enquiries.

If you are a new company, you must request to join us and we will provide you with a login account. All company accounts are entirely confidential, so no external corporation is able to view the products bought by another.