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Tool Control

Tool control is essentially tool storage – it ensures that all tools are stored in a correct location at all times. It is an advantageous method of storage as it is time efficient in relation to looking for tools; it ensures that tools are correctly stored in an appropriate manner without risk of damage. When a tool is missing from the control component, you are able to go back and check the tool has not ended up inside machinery, where it can cause damage to both the machinery and the company.

Tool control is traditionally a bespoke item that is specifically tailored to you, but there are a number of methods of tool control and RTP Materials Handing is proud to supply them all.

CNC routed black foam over a yellow foam showing tool shapes

CNC Routing

CNC routing is used for elaborate shapes in foam

Cubio Accessories

Bott has a variety of accessories which are best suited to the different products within the Cubio range

Verso Acessories

Bott verso has a variety of accessories that can be used to increase productivity from your workstation

Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards or Control Boards offer clear visual control for your tools