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Verso Range

The Bott range is high quality and excellent value, with proven real-world durability and robust welded construction, Verso is strong and fit for purpose. This range is modular, enabling you to combine products to create a fitted solution which can expand as your business grows. The range covers all common requirements, with a combination of drawer cabinets, cupboards and workbenches, hazardous storage systems and computer stations.

Verso features clean, ergonomic design, whilst hard-wearing finishes ensure that the product will deliver a professional image which can still withstand the rigours of daily use. A range of accessories allow solutions to be customised to your requirements, and the Verso range is covered by ‘Built to last’ extended guarantee.

Verso Drawer Cabinets

Verso drawer cabinets are available in an array of system dimensions with a wide range of standard or custom drawer configurations

Verso Mobile Equipment

Bott Verso Mobile Equipment features reinforced, welded steel housings for long service life in tough industrial environments

Verso Work Benches

All Verso benches are built to last in challenging, industrious, real world conditions

Verso Accessories

Bott verso has a variety of accessories that can be used to increase productivity from your workstation

Verso Cupboards

The Verso storage cupboard comes with a 10 year "built to last" guarantee