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Cubio Work Benches - Availble in 4 Colours - RTP Materials Handling Ltd
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Cubio Work Benches

Whether for universal use or for a specifically designed process, thanks to the modular system of the Cubio system, every workbench can adapt to your individual requirements. Versatile system components allow the classic workbench to be expanded to create a complete system workspace.

By drawing on design experience combined with quality materials, Bott have developed a range of benches which will stand the test of time and deliver in demanding applications. Bott Cubio benches are available with height adjustment, allowing you to personalise the bench to your requirements. You can create a versatile workspace from the Cubio bench range by combining hexagonal worktops and pedestal cabinets arranged to suit your needs, a popular solution in educational and multi-user applications. Additional open storage can be integrated within the Cubio bench range, and you can personalise your Bott Cubio bench with Perfo end frame panels. Steel side and back upstands can be fitted to the side and rear of benches, helping to prevent small components falling off the bench. We can create a custom one-piece worktop for you, with tongue & groove and biscuit jointing with worktop clamps, plus special corner and ‘T’ styles, enabling you to enjoy a fully fitted worktop surface. The modular nature of the Cubio system allows seamless system expansion, creating a fully integrated and smart workspace. Bott framework benches feature a heavy duty braced framework allowing them to support loads of up to 1200kg.

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