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Bott Verso Drawer Cabinets Garage Workshop Workplace Mobile Static


A good workspace area should have good tool control, ergonomics and be able to reduce movement. We, at RTP Materials Handling, are capable to facilitate this.

RTP Materials Handling is an approved re-seller for several high quality manufacturers such as Bott cabinets, ensuring you the very best in work station lay out and furniture. With our experience in work flow, we can also design and make your work space items specifically for you and facilitate any special requirements.

Bott Range

Bott products have a wide range of storage cabinets in a variety of colours for use in factory, warehouse or office.


If you need chemical / oil resistant chairs or just an office chair, we can supply your needs

Tool Control

We have products available to position tools right where the operators need them

Cases and Tool Boxes

CNC routed foam trays can control tooling