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Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is a compact, efficient and organised method of storage. There is a range of options available to you, and we can help you find the best way to move your stored components, tools and products around your work premises. Whether its tooling that needs to be secured in a locked cabinet, to be brought to lineside when required, or products that need to be controlled within a LEAN manufacturing operation. We take into consideration your production rate, work flow and efficiencies and are then able to suggest a product for an informed decision.

Mobile Stillages

We can offer bespoke solutions in mobile stillages


Trolleys are used for transport or storage. An ideal way of safely moving a number of boxes whilst keeping them all together

Mobile Cages

Wire mesh units used for transportation and storage


Dollies are a low wheeled platform on which heavy items can be loaded and moved quickly and easily

Euro Container Trolley

Trolleys designed to move several Euro Stackers around at the same time

Work In Progress

RTP Materials Handling have the knowledge and experience to design and supply a complete solution to handle your Work In Progess

Cubio Mobile Equipment

Bott Cubio mobile storage products give the flexibility to safely move tools, equipment, components and even work stations to wherever they’re needed

Verso Mobile Equipment

Bott Verso Mobile Equipment features reinforced, welded steel housings for long service life in tough industrial environments